DIY to repair some

Repairing the step very important DIY to repair some work prefaces can not save
Health watertightness

Now the part of Zi Bo lately set up small areas all have already stuck to like ceramic tile between healths, can meet owner don’t like of how to do style and assortment?Have to the spade drop to do over, by this time must re- do 1 F watertightness.Designer small once met with not a few cases like this, the owner drops health ceramic tile spade to re- spread the assortment that oneself likes, didn’t lead the owner of repairing experience very easy neglect the watertightness of the health.”This one step definitely not the ability is careless,腌制黴變食物吃老妳the spade drops original ceramic tile very may chase original waterproof layer break, by this time must use waterproof coating at original foundation up again plus 1 F, particularly is that the ground leak, drainage outlet etc. easily take place a leaking place to even want to do cautiously.”Little Lyu Shuo should clean up the wall noodles and ground dust, miscellaneous articles or objects clean while doing watertightness, the surface remains of the ash strach a hard piece of place that also wants to seek to be even, doesn’t around and not easily clean up to some drain pipe roots to brush to clean off with the hair, the in order to prevent results in waterproof Tu Ceng’s asymmetry, result in concealed suffer from.Can do watertightness to experiment for 24 hours when it’s necessary, light quality wall body watertightness the acceptance also want to work well to pour water to experiment.

The spade drops “pare off big white”

Introduce according to small, Zi Bo not a few houses would do the 1 F white coating while aring built up now and was so called “pare off big white” inside the industry, he suggested the owner drops its spade and gets fed up with paring off son afresh.He tells a reporter, “the reason have three:The first, the original white wall has a lot of is the coating used gum and got fed up with son Chan and got up, have of contain a radio chemical element, not very good to health condition,食欲不振so is canning not make sure whether under the premise of original coating environmental protection, an owner still a spade drops to peep out a cement wall, again Tu Shua ecosystem interface, the adhesive strength of in the meantime strengthening of the safe environmental protection foam rubber paint;The second, the wall noodles big part of “pare off big white” is all rougher, and the adhesive strength is general, all generally wanting on this foundation to get fed up with paring off son again then can foam rubber paint or stick wallpaper, if don’t drop its spade, very probably because coating lead thick, make the wall noodles opened crack, empty drum.”Therefore, small suggests to have the house owner of “pare off big white”, repair square one should the spade drop, must can not save to this an one step because of fearing bother.

The ground must seek even

The ground is used the wood a floor still a ceramic tile, many first times repair of the owners all once had this kind of to band together and said according to the characteristics of two kinds of floors, the bedroom relatively suited wood floor, the living room kitchen is suitable to spread ceramic tile.Thus the new problem came right away, if the bedroom chooses compound floor, the living room spreads ceramic tile, so will in advance mat in the bedroom ground Gao, because the ground for brick to spreads stick wants a high 35-40 mms, but reunite the height of floor only have 8-12 mms, both has to fall bad, result in living room’s being as uneven as bedroom ground, so wanting in the bedroom ground to use cement sand syrup to seek is even, so that it finishes spreading the floor form highly last of consistent.If bedroom choice of is a wooden floor board, also the important business compute the height of good main beam of boat first.Therefore,chi shuan haochu choose two kinds of the methods that the floors combine should there is estimating in detail very much while designing, seeking flat ground noodles this one step can not save to go and otherwise spreads over each room in the ground highly have already fallen bad, result in inconvenience for the lifes in the days to come.

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