DIY the mini potted

DIY the mini potted plant small garden
The natural flavor of Style1 country

Constitute a chemical element:Wood basin and multi-layer plant

Wood quality basin the machine can bring very natural country taste.Bore an a drain in the bottom of wood basin, then stuff with soil,5大食物催人老you can plant to grow the plant that you likes.Decorate effect for the sake of the increment, you can under the wood basin the Chen a turn of moss, again put to put a few loose fruits.Can also go toward while having a guest in add a to tie fresh cut flowers to do to embellish.

The Style2 mini bush

Constitute a chemical element:The copper quality flower pot, goose egg stone,立冬節氣 green plant

Copper quality basin the machine go together with a white egg stone to contain interesting and novel effect and also reflect green plant to Chen to get more beautiful.

The height is wrong the plant combination falling is the premise that promises whole beauty, the attention periodically cuts branches and leaves, so that he/she keeps a plant to contain a shape of beauty, can also have the function to help the plant to grow.睡眠的幾種誤會 Alone potted plant formation for letting more the beautiful scenery of tightly packed, can put a tray in the underneath, then spread the moss to increase beauty in the bottom.

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