DIY breeze more outstanding

The DIY breeze more outstanding flood cow is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions show up for dint
Along with more and more DIY players, to the continuously raising of the power product request, some players that pay attention to and can cater to DIY alternative application demanding power be naturally more easily held by heat,See a guest guilty but local famous machine power station company flood cow, recently at they main dozen player characteristic of red suddenly and violently series the power plused to a ratio of the dint, their red suddenly and violently 500 power had brand-new of get stripe improvement, the attraction is hundred percent.

Flood cow of red suddenly and violently series the power is a manufacturer the fixed position face to essential DIY the power product of the terrace player, whole series the power passes the 80 plus economy energy attestation.But the 0.8 mms adopted by the power plate zinc material outer shell, the 18# high standard line material also takes the net cover of having the profession to shield, and abundant of connect a people’s equipment, all to the utmost show the power professional texture.

The flood cow is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions

But this is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions, then at red suddenly and violently the foundation of 500 products up gave the improvement of deeper time.It gives improvement to the color of the fan and the line material in maintaining to originally possessed the 12 cm hydraulic Wen Kong’s mute to spread hot fan+ beehive-like in shape spreading spreading of hot bore heat installing foundation, deep red color strong wind car fan and red snake skin net line material, seem to be particularly in order to keep an eye, in addition, expanding of the power line material length comes to an a 650 mms more and well satisfied the terrace customer’s back to walk the need of line reformation, highlight the power thus red suddenly and violently the characteristic of series.Seeming adopt a 0.8 MMs to plate black Nie of outer shell, bear a fingerprint, use sex stronger.

Strong wind car the fan and the snake skin net package line material is deep red to gleam

In the power supply, the power continues to maintain a sum to settle a 400 Ws, the Feng is worth the power supply level with 500 Ws, the power adoption of is active PFC+double the tube is arousing of economize on energy power supply structure, passed the 80 plus Bronze Medal attestation, reached to 82% higher excellent conversion efficiency compare together tile number even Class of the power product, economize on energy level to undoubtedly lead.35盞LED燈價值17萬

The power Ming card and beehive-like in shape spread hot bore

The power owns not vulgar power supply level and excellent conversion efficiency, but connects a people’s equipment, similarly didn’t need our excessive anxiety.It in addition to provide with a 20+4 pin lord connects, a 4+4 pin CPU assistance power supply connects, four SATAs connects, two big 4 pinses connects, a small 4 pins connects outside, the 6 pin PCI-E shows card power supply to connect to also come to a 2, full in consideration of the customer installs medium high level super strong demand for showing the power supply of card.

Super long line material

As a style of product that pays attention to player breeze, red suddenly and violently the quality of 500 player versions also make the person well rest assured, the protection control of the power chip, once provided to press, lead carry, lead flow, temperature, short circuit, keep thunder etc. from weighing protective effect more, the safe coefficient is very high.

In addition, some details of the power are also very worth to praise a prize.Compare to in the on the side of the power, the manufacturer joined regularly to take charge of the defending of net false search label in the domestic product quality electronics, convenient customer to product of true false carry on discriminating.Moreover connect in the power cable material square 4 pins up, also joined “for CPU” to mark of remind words, availably lowered a customer is connecting the false risk in the line process, the way of doing of these details, well make a show of the highest design principle of the customer of the manufacturer of flood cow. mini to receive

Take”FOR CPU” marks of the square 4 PINs connect

The electronics takes charge of code

Get stripe later on, such a red suddenly and violently the DIY characteristic of 500 player versions seem to be fresher clear, bring the player more beneficial assistance in the physically applied process.However, the manufacturer didn’t therefore pass on the cost to the consumer, this was suddenly and violently red currently 500 player version the power, publicly quote only is 369 dollars, the price competition ability is very sturdy.The interested in player might as well come in person a selling exhibition to carry on more detailed understanding to the style’s product.

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