disguising as various family

The night in Halloween, in addition to disguising as various family that the demon knocks to ring other people, the clothes must have huge pocket to pack candy and there is also one prop of essential to have, is a pumpkin lantern.Not a few person’s primary schools all once read ice heart of 《small Jie light 》,programming quickly set in fact the pumpkin lantern is similar to the small Jie light and dug empty pulp of fruit to put into a candle to fix, but compared a small Jie light and created a pumpkin lantern absolutely is individual dint to live.

Western person’s fancy to the pumpkin seems to be not reserved at all, the ash miss sits of pumpkin wagon, the pumpkin lantern in Halloween evening, all because pumpkin of fat, very round but matchless and vivid portrayal.But arrived Chinese mainland, wanted to find out this kind of circle again again the flat pumpkin is it may be said difficult to up add difficult.

The reporter went and saw 3 markets, 2 large supermarkets yesterday, all having no could find out this kind of dreamlike shape.Pumpkin seller’s aunt’s introduction, the long sand citizen eat of pumpkin, basic is the sweet pumpkin of all long form, circle the pumpkin for rolling almost no one will enter goods.”See still keep once seeing, but the head is very small to return expensive.”

The survey that reports a reporter according to the morning , in a supermarket of the Xiang river century city, can buy to this kind of pumpkin.Choose a material for the sake of the convenience, the reporter finally sought one familiar long form sweet pumpkin in the long sand one market, DIY was a “pumpkin lantern” of long sand version.

Prepare material

The chopper is a , the penknife is a , water pen is 1, the small candle is a (2 dollars, the boutique has been already sold), and iron Shao is 1.The pumpkin that the market buys in fact can cut open to sell, needs to buy a half then.(the reporter buys to return to one whole pumpkin, 12 dollars renminbi)

Create a step

A smoother side of the 1 selection, at half pumpkin up draw grimace.Mainly is a lines to have to be clear, eyes are two triangles, the nose is partial to long triangle, then makes uniform a mouth of oval, in hang up a tooth with the motion lines.

2 cut open pumpkin from the middle position.According to the position of grimace, pare the part of surplus with the chopper.

3 clean south pulp of melon, counteract a ladle to pare off the pumpkin meat of the grimace one side a little bit thinner, the convenience is next to work. frequency examination

4 use penknife to carve on the pumpkin according to the painting good grimace pattern, lines of simple or not directly coming to a decision that work can complete smoothly, if enough to own handicraft self-confidence, can also consider more complicated pattern.

5 tooth parts lightly go to the meat that the skin leaves buff, so have the color of different layer.

6 spark a candle, put into pumpkin, a pumpkin lantern formally completes!If you wanted to carry to go out and put on a few cordages to go.


Did the pumpkin lantern work well and connect down to do what?Certainly is ate the pumpkin leaving!Simultaneously dig the Rang of pumpkin, part drive very sweet flavor Chan get saliva direct current, cube pumpkin to put into small fire Men in the pot, not only the flavor is beautiful or the good dinner of diabetic.But take out in pumpkin of pumpkin son, put to in the sun dry in the sun, can also stir-fry one dish savory dried melon seeds!

Orange, pomelo these take skin of, the fruits of circular are also quite good choices and compare to slice the physical strength that pumpkin needs, integrity’s digging pomelo pulp is a more high difficulty challenge.Pomelo skin first the Zong slices 1 and cuts off those part of pulp, again one by one in order bye pomelo pulp, finally sew with the pomelo skin that thread will cut open up.According to pumpkin lantern way of doing, engrave a facial expression orderses a candle, a pomelo light of”the 囧囧 has absolute being” completed.

[Small knowledge]

The pumpkin educates a species too much,project design according to the sweet Su save the orchid scholar, Wei, English in agriculture science graduate school in state City research express, the pumpkin is divided into following few kinds:Chinese pumpkin, India pumpkin, American pumpkin, and black seed pumpkin…etc..

According to understanding, on the local market sell of mostly is a Chinese pumpkin.Appreciate pumpkin to mostly belong to American pumpkin, this kind of pumpkin in addition to providing to appreciate, having parts of specieses can provide for eat.The western countries acquainted with by everyone are decoratively used to carve to appreciate pumpkin in Halloween and generally adopt to accept after full maturity and fondle time by increment.

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