refreshing emergency masks

Teach you how to self-make five styles of fair refreshing emergency masks
Fair emergency mask
1, milk emergency mask DIY the emergency mask is greatly whole

Function:Fair hydration, the face will slip soft and tender

Way of doing:Steam a face with the fume, absorb disguise cotton full fresh milk, spread around last 15 minuteseses at the face, dismantle,labor report wash milk on the face clearly with the clear water.Insist over a long period of time, can make skin color white clean even.TIPS:The time in summer, can also make the fresh milk putting inside in the refrigerator to, spread ascend very cool, will be more comfortable.

2, living pear almond the oil spread noodles

Function:Can make oil the skin become delicate, and can and cure a pimple.

Way of doing:Cook 6 pears deeply, cool press behind lousy, add 1 spoon almond oil, spread in the face after mixing evenly.

3, tomato honey emergency mask already elaborated

Function:This fair formula can make face and hand in the meantime fair.Especially dark Chuang skin, the ability is effective go to greasy, prevent°from an infection, make skin pure white and meticulous.

Method of using:Can join tomato after mixing blend the tomato juice just the right amount of honey stir to a paste form.Even treats at the face or the hand about wash for 15 minutes.Suggest to do 1-2 times every week.

4, sour milk banana emergency mask United recalls

Function:Remove the face department Cuo Chuang and freckle

Way of doing:Banana half, pound into pulp mire-like in shape, add just the right amount sour milk, adjust paste-like in shape, spread on the face, keep to wash with the clear water clearly after 15~20 minutes.This method can make skin refreshing to slip smooth, remove the face department Cuo Chuang and freckle.

5, the honey garlic wipe face

Function:The clearness hydrates

Way of doing:Use water wet side first, be lightly stained with few honey to wipe face a many oil parts with the garlic after, can clean a grease.The whole total 15 days that treat a distance wipes 15 times on the first day and wipes 14 times on the second day ……the rest can be deduced accordingly, the last day wipes once, be over after, may also become “refreshing west”.

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