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Serve decision quality!Can “change for three years lately” solve DIY?
For long time, selling exhibition various peddler of DIY and skin guest, invoice the female occupy among them, the store traitor company, outlet and purchase bestrides one square.Each time to pack a machine high tide, the everyone hand holds sharp knife, regardless”person”, “absolute being”, “evil”, “monster”, all kill it is quick.True so-called:”Sea Na 100 Chuans have milk milk big, pack machine to kill a guest not to waste dishonest trader”.Follow, the DIY selling exhibition also became the commercial center of “dishonest trader” and”the liars”ses and allly blame, reviled scornfully to all point to DIY a market.

Dishonest trader in power, “the people find it hard to live on”

1, DIY the after-sales service is basic to”zero”

The imperfection of the DIY profession trustworthiness makes inside the national scope, consumer to the IT selling exhibitions all have 1 kind inside of distrust.The consumer in nowadays would rather choose the net buys price than the entity high lot of B2 C company’s cities, don’t purchase there to the dealer as well.On the other hand, the rise of the electronic commerce brought people’s life convenient, also strangled DIY of tradition profession in the meantime, this problem is worth our thinking deeply!

And DIY the imperfection of the trustworthiness with take charge of not strict, system not the norm contain closely related etc., also is vitally related with the after-sales service that have been being neglected in the meantime, come up to speak from a certain meaning, DIY after-sales service basically BE”zero”, and this is also DIY the biggest differentiation of of the computer and brand the whole machine.

Today, we want to talk of the leading role is DIY the power product within market, as”heart” of computer, the importance of the power is obvious, consequently the quality of the power is as more important as after-sales service.

2, the service and quality is complement each other

Currently, the power profession widespreadly what to carry out is “protecting to fix for three years” after-sales service and certainly fasten high level the power product in Taiwan in can also see”protect to fix service for 5 years, but ignore is protect to fix for several years, all manufacturers’ commitment the first year give to change lately, the power appears a problem and not only makes the customer produce to meaninglessly maintain after a year, express delivery expenses;Returning to fix time on the other hand is longer, little 10 and half days month, much then 12 months all probably.

The pit dad’s writing game

“Protect to fix” and”wrap to fix” although just bad one word, be like to protect to change and guarantee returnable, wrap to fix rules in the nation is whole free, and protect to fix can charge also free charge.Said again, “protect to fix for 3 years” return variable change into “3 years, the quality protects” this changes to listen to more ambiguous slogan, anyway this”3 years, the quality protects” can be protect to fix for 3 years can be 3 years, the pack fixs.Certainly, 3 years pack’s fixing that is absolutely impossible, at most free maintain the first year, have to charge to maintain the 23th year, this can also with good reputation its Yue”the cost maintains”.Obviously this kind of amphibology”three years the quality protect” after-sales service goes impassability and finally cause DIY the profession raise to tread Wei Jian.

3, can “change for three years lately” service give relief to DIY?

What to rejoice BE, have already had the power the manufacturer to start doing aggressive and farsighted adjustment in the after-sales service currently, “change for three years lately” service beginning becomes a market, concern focus with new customer.Probably”change for three years lately” service is exactly give relief to DIY profession of does one help rice straw.This because”change for three years lately” service is probably the core place that causes the whole profession thinking and begs to change, at least from following few aspectses can prove that”change for three years lately” sticks a suitable for use door more a demand.

(1)”change for three years lately”-change to have peace of mind for new service and many two yearses for many two years

The “change for three years lately” ministrant magic power not only only helps a common customer to purchase to power with excellent quality, it more magic powers lie in ensuring what customer bought trusts and use of comfortable heart.Because, compare the after-sales service of “protect to fix for three years” of traditional power, “change for three years lately” service much guarantee returnable service for two years, ensure that the power is hasing peace of mind an usage for three years, even if quality problem can can also quickly and in time change lately but be not endlessly return to fix.

(2)”change for three years lately”-carry out zero to wait for service

Compare for traditional three years, the quality protects service, the “change for three years lately” gold medal serves the biggest advantage to lie in as long as approve to match to change a new condition can immediately change lately but not is return to fix, of waiting time that takes is very short, can say a real realization zero wait for service.”Change for three years lately” gold medal service economized in great quantities precious time for customer;In the meantime, also economized one to maintain express delivery expenses for customer.

(3)”change for three years lately”-set up the profession high-quality model

Moreover, “change for three years lately” will in great quantities increase to sell after the cost while promoting after-sales service quality, the funds real strenght isn’t enough strong, the development level isn’t advanced, the yield ability can not keep up with of the manufacturer don’t dare to set foot in.Consequently can provide “change for three years lately” the after-sales service of, the power quality needs not to doubt, if majority of the power is in the process of selling in all ensured two kinds”overcome magic weapon”s in”excellent quality and good after-sales service”s of words, so whole power industry affirmation will become more healthy and vibrant.At the same time, those mountain Zhai, miscellaneous card the power the manufacturer didn’t have a foothold naturally of ground

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