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Tu Zhuang’s classroom:Save money to repair a way-DIY most
Take off western dress, make change slack suit, picked up tool, 12 simple furnitures of oneself DIY, since is fun, is also a kind of good method of saving money.

Although we have already become accustomed to the service of a fix menu in restaurant dragon that the house packs a company and also used to buy a house to reside a market those quality low price Gao of industrial product, this year, wireless keyboards the saving money is becoming the living keyword of many people.

Take leave that kind of what all depend on the technique worker’s viewpoint, sometimes, very small manual, or some simple common senses can help we complete some reformations.But you need to pay just some time of and simple operation and patience.

We use the way of thinking that reside a DIY method, save money in the house and explore the way of more economic daily life at home.

Brush a wall to see complicated, physically combine not that difficult, slightly through drill and then can start.

Under the big background of economic recession, the saving money becomes the life lord of many people to adjust.Although at home reside to like in the market what buy what of the impulse can refrain from rash action once, people decoration house, the viewpoint of improvement living environment can’t stop, either forever.

If you want to change for house to grow a color, or want to re- decorate to once have no angry wall noodles with the wallpaper and had to once think oneself begins to complete it.Take leave that kind of what all depend on the technique worker’s viewpoint,htpc Keyboards sometimes, very small manual, or some simple common senses can help we complete some reformations.But you need to pay just some time of and simple operation and patience.

In addition, some daily life at home expert hands can also try to carry on more furnitures that reformations for example buy have already faded in color to walk a form after several years, completely can brush a paint reformation to it, change its appearances, in the saving money of in the meantime, stick the labels of personality for it.

In the age that needs to be saved money, use DIY to the fashionable reason of oneself’s a saving money.

1 brush paint’s oneself to change to grow a color for the house

Technique content:★★★★Tool:The flat bristle brush, row pen, wool scrubbing brush, big paint brushes, drawknife, roller, sand paper, steps etc.

Key step:Before painting should handle the district surface that need to be painted first once, is whetted with sand paper after needing stem even, square can Tu Shua.

The general regulation that brushes from left arrive right, from up arrived a bottom, first inside empress outside, first difficult empress easy.Brush process in the paint in,plate heat exchanger manufacturer circulating the speed should the rate of speed is consistent and make an effort even.On the time in Tu Shua top part action should fast, thin brush many times, in order to prevent flow to hang.At brush be over or in the center rest, should brush hair to immerse in melting agent or wash dry in the air clearly to.

Popular color:The popular color in now fastens to is the yellow that represents the earth and represent healthy of green and represent a delightfully fresh blue.Especially green, still keep being the main dozen that the living quarters spreads a color.Green and the moss green etc. shallow thin plant color of the vicissitudes of life bark green, ground mustard tone of neutral tone fasten, mix the style of taking one fast modern and imply more to revive old customs a chemical element.

Save money a calculation:The fee of brushing the wall artificial will mostly concentrate in 18 dollars-30 dollars|of square meter, but if want to change a color, adjust a color and then need and add another money, there is special processing also needing additionally add money.

Regulation:Generally speaking, greatly parts of coatings all request to use under the normal temperature(20~25 ℃ ) condition, another place degree of humidity is also very important, the Tu Shua coating should carry on under the condition of the normal degree of humidity or the inching aridity.

2 old furnitures break a paint

Technique content:★★★★The tool prepares:The strong dint takes off a paint, rubber gloves, new paint

Step:Color and paint noodles all very old old wood side cabinet, want to let it shining youth.Can first take off a paint to take off(can also whet with the sand paper dozen, but harder to tackle) paint noodles with the strong dint, paint noodles to clean off old furniture surface after taking off, Tu Shua varnishes then.Choose up and only after canning also wait a paint a stem the wax throws light.

Save money a calculation:A side cabinet at least up to thousand.The old furniture changes the price of paint=old furniture(oneself’s house of need not spend money, the second-hand is on the market Tao generally in 100 dollars)+the strong dint takes off a paint+rubber gloves(10 dollars)+new paint(100-200 dollars)=300 dollars is or so

Regulation:Take off a paint on the net and all have been already sold in paint store, even if the elucidation doesn’t hurt a skin,want to remember to take rubber gloves or other protection gloves while using, generally take off a paint to belong to strong sour or strong alkaline material, be stained with a skin easily is burned.

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