October of autumn

The DIY birthday will be warm and fragrant to end a full gold of thick feeling sweet idea in October of autumn
In mid- October, medium letter ·the  set successfully held a DIY ratio to put together big match and child the birthday party , over the weekend,global Rome take friend to arrive a set, together feel living get color and fun.Be present a participant in addition to the result happiness still have to arrive a presenting of small gift.

The  set holds hands kid’s park start a child birthday party, 40 sets of families, 40 babies, 40 kinds of happy facial expressions, the kids, who be present,s prepare a happy Party.The kids accompany down activity the spot at the parent and the teacher, period, Russian rulingthe noisy degree is rated as fire to explode and prepares various cake on the scene, various candle, everyone together makes a wish, is present little birthday persons celebration birthday.The parent can also clap for the babies under the happy photograph here and record the fine time of childhood.

Pottery bottle DIY kneads to make fine life

Birthday party later on, stone pottery bottle the DIY activity is novel and sarcastic and draw on to numerous owners all of a sudden,four connect sun immediately on the scene person head the Zan move.In advance pile in the pottery mire of creating the area each difference of color, make just- been present owners adjusted to have interest.After finishing listenning to explain in detail, everyone is eager to have a try and fight to be the first ground to get hold of a homologous colourful pottery creation the material , under the teacher’s help, conceive outline, paint, creation, everyone is well arranged to have a carrying on of preface.Be present a personnel each show its ability, soon, the pottery bottle of every kind of shape already the lifelike emergence is before everyone’s eyes.People exchange craft insight mutually and pass round a work and be present a 7-year-old kid to raise he or she kneads of the small bear say:”The jar that I do, good-looking!”

Medium letter · set the strange burst of color Fen present in October and share a city, natural beautiful scenery the for oneself have.Suit an investment of proper stand first to choose, sparse lack the jump type ocean building apartment grand opening quotations inside the wreath, bill influences negativefeel that the life that a silk up and down is different from creates to think.

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