DIY protects skin

The self-made emergency mask that seven styles of fair anti-wrinkles hydrate again accompanies you to pass the winter

DIY protects skin that day often a lot of MMs all like very much of protect a skin method, everyone will be with a lot of materials with are good for a skin come from making an emergency mask.Winter stanza this autumn, the fair anti-wrinkle wants together carry on, money more manageseven styles of self-made emergency masks, the beautiful muscle says changing and then changing.
Olive oil emergency mask

Material:Olive oil, honey, make up cotton or compression emergency mask

Way of doing:Heating the pure olive oil to 37 ℃ is or so and join just the right amount of honey again, however empress have no Fang cloth cover the film or gauze piece is in the oil permeance after take out, overaly on the face, dismantle after 20 minutes, can have already prevent°fromed skin decrepitude, the smooth skin dispels a spot in addition to wrinkly effect, be applicable to a skin specially dry.

The green tea protects a skin emergency mask

Material:Green tea(green tea powder), honey and milk, olive oil(choose) and face powder

Way of doing:In the clean container, mix green tea powder up honey, milk, olive oil and face powder, lightly mix blend even to paste-like in shape.Or with the fresh green tea pour Liang is cool behind, again join the above-mentioned material to mix evenly paste form.

Method of using:Can directly paint the paste-like in shape material on the face, if feeling the density isn’t enough,strategy guideses can spread previous disguise cotton or emergency mask paper again and wash after 10-15 minutes clearly.

The tomato honey repairs an emergency mask

Material:Tomato, face powder, honey

Way of doing:According to the size of face type, choose 1-1.5 tomatos, wash tomato clearly skin, cut into small piece.Then at clean bowl of in the Dao become mire-like in shape, join honey and face powder to adjust even then.

Method of using:Directly spread on the face, wash with the clear water clearly after 20 minutes.

Effect:Rich foreign lycopene and a great deal of humidity containing in the tomato can help the skin good absorption humidity and repair the skin of damaged wound, is effect to repair an emergency mask after very goodly basking.But remarkable is the skin of allergy to want a careful choice.

The banana fresh milk honey moistens an anti-wrinkle emergency mask

The banana contains calories higher, but don’t contain fat, canning solve a hunger can’t make the person deliver again fat.

There is the burnt skin vegetable to repress fungi and germ growth to breed in the banana skin.To the tinea pedis, hand tinea, the body tinea waits a causable skin Sao Yang disease and sticks to spread infected part with the Jiao skin, can make the cancellation of Sao Yang, and urge disease early more.

Material:Banana half the and fresh milk is just the right amount of, the honey is a , the powder is 2.Way of doing:The banana connects skin to slice a segment and pound into pulp and joins fresh milk, powder and honey agitation to go to paste form, is on the face about wash after 5~10 minutes clean then.

Effect:Can moisten a stem skin, protect a skin to resist crease, and repress melanin formation, make the skin face radiating health.

The honey lemon fair emergency mask

Material:The honey is a , lemon juice is a ,Protect patrimony the oatmeal powder is a , and the vitamin E capsule is 1 grain.

Way of doing:

1.Oatmeal powder, honey and lemon juice together put into container.

2.Use scissors vitamin E the capsule shear to break and join the oil liquid into the container, and mix blend all materials even.

Effect:The constringency pore effectively cleans a skin grease and regulates skin water oil balance.

Method of using:

1.After the Jie noodles, on the face, this style of with even emergency mask averts from eye department and lips department.

2.About after 20 minutes, wash with the clear water clearly.Spread once every week.

The egg pure emergency mask

Way of doing:The fresh egg is a , honey 1

Take egg pure well mix blend, go to all foam, join honey, continue to mix evenly namely become.

Makes it natural at the face dry, wash with the clear water clearly again, can usually use.

Effect:Dispel wrinkly hairdressing to protect a skin, the constringency pore makes the skin meticulous to have sheen.

The licorice of Yi Ren fair emergency mask

The Yi Ren is a kind of good hairdressing food, the Yi Ren implies an abundant type flavonoid, can prevent°from the creation of melanin, therefore have fair function.Licorice in addition to the town is quiet to eliminate inflammation of function, can also have been synthesizing the net ammonia sour Mao of melanin, therefore is also a kind of cheap and natural fair composition.

Material:The powder of Yi Ren 1 teaspoon licorice powder one teaspoon purely fresh milk is 3 teaspoons.

Method of using:Material mixture, mix blend even.Will make the good emergency mask is spread to face last 15 minutes, after doing again use to bedew of the finger roll an emergency mask, then use Wen Shui to wash clearly.

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