crack six pits+SLI

Most DIY reflects the Tai T series 990 FXs open to have fun to crack six pits+SLI
Bulldozer-bulldozer, AMD gives the epoch-making processor of great and earnest hope, although bounce again and again, although the engineering version function doesn’t exert person’s idea ……various, still didn’t change everyone’s expectation to and clothingSupport AMD Bulldozer AMD of the processor 900 series chip set the main plank have already published at this year’s second quarter degree, tallest carry of the 990 FX chip set already factory flagship in Chengkong University!

Although the bulldozer leaves us more and more Be getting nearer,check the price of version more to destine not thin, the 990 FXs supports the 938 Pin AM3′s being regarded as some mentally comfort!In the sequence of AM3, draw on an eyeball most nothing is better than to check at not enough opening of 800 dollars recently 640 Ts.Become the X61405 Ts after opening a pit, can opening the effect 990 FXs of pit connect to recruit?Do we come right away and see?

Reflect the Tai TA990 FXE, adopted a super object ATX great plank design, belonged to the T series super repeatedly main plank, adopted a day to fasten a solid electric capacity design completely, easily support a 140 W TDP processor, provide high specification of four DIMM memory slot, relatives returntallest can support double passage DDR3 is 2000 memories, the biggest capacity is 16 GBs.

PCI expanded the aspect main plank to provide 3 PCI-Expreses the x is 16 slots, the bandwidth are a x respectively 16, x 16, x 4, support CrossFire, the moreover main plank still provided a PCI-Express x one slot and 2 PCI slots be provided for customer to expand.SATA picks up a people, the main plank provided 5 SATA 6 Gbpseses to connect and supported RAID 0|1|5|10, another place USB before the main knothole still provided 1 set under 3.0 expand to connect.

The IO part of main planks provided 2 USBs 3.0 connect with 4 USBs 2.0 connect, romance vindicated11394 connect and an eSATA the 3 Gbpses connect and support 7.1 track audio frequencies outputting and the fiber-optic exportation connect.

Does support open a pit to still support SLI??There is no SLI on the main plank sign!In fact this has what strange?Way evil Gao Yi Zhang to Gao Yi Chi!The DIY cutthroat Mao is to continuously toss about, continuously sound out.This is also the motive force that the hardware progresses.

The start is very smooth, BIOS is also a most stylish UEFI sketch to turn of, at O.N.E options card of the first would be Bio-UnlocKing one key open a pit!Directly opens it, other all recognize tacitly, keep heavy Qi, open a pit to complete in one breath, the main knothole expresses an excrescent stability.

Needs to install SLIPatch to crack software then!But because of the length problem of the SLI bridge double the card can not pack a 16 X the slot is at the double up, temporarily can pack a 16 Xs+4 Xs, some regrettable.

Although is a 16 Xs+4 X SLI test, the 3 DVantage tests of result can also, P19353 cent, six checked a 1405 Ts to also run 39567.

3 D11s’ getting a goal is quite good, P4262, this also proved GTX further the 550 Tis is in the scholastic attainment on the DX11.

The end is a Kao machines test, near pretty much the SLI double card of clock load down bottom, the main card temperature is up to 78 ℃ !Vice- card quite a few 61 ℃ .scathing sanctionsThe achievement consumes to more and suddenly and violently walk 450 Ws!

Before the bulldozer didn’t launch its motor, choice TA990 FXEs add AM3, six pits are also quite good choices, but depend on reflect the Tai consistent maturity of design, believe a that this main plank not only opens a pit easily and double 16 X full speed’s handing over fire be outside also quite good super repeatedly performance.

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