DIY holds type music player

Make reference to DIY, everyone and at that time think of computer city in of the construction set type computer.In fact in the audio frequency product, the DIY spirit just really develops thoroughly:The sound box arrives to°from the size, shape of sympathy box body the combination of trumpet, can according to personal will design.The Dan machine puts chip to matching of electric capacity from the luck, all the ability basis personally listen to sound favour but design and regulate.BE more opposite than to take the construction computer of wooden blocks type,food needs carefulDIY of audio frequency product is more more rich than variety, not only request the ability of beginning strong, also need definitely related knowledge, amuse oneself from enjoy.

In the audio frequency product, with the sound box and Dan machine achievement put of personal DIY most is familiar, but the walkman player is fresh to have already seen personal DIY, this and the player intensive electric circuit design concerning.This text with the Gan Long Sheng’s QA350 then hold type Hifi player for example, the diagram text displays DIY the simple process of the walkman player.

Introduce the Gan Long Sheng electronics science and technology company first:Gan Long Sheng from 1 flock like single slice of machine again very hot Chong in get a fever the acoustic young man constitute, initiating person and total engineering designer, Mr. season baby arrangesChen Xue Gan , are music fever friend, and the early years is engaged in the development work of stereo set product, and then has working experience of several years single slice of machine.After establishing audio frequency utility room, Mr. Chen Xue Gan leads a team, designed this style of plank that arrive to°from the operation procedure of first floor integrated circuit and integrated into personal QA350 portable player with a heavy DIY style to musical comprehensions.From push toward the market, the music performance of the QA350 high character got the compliment of numerous domestic and international consumers.

Are in the fellings in the machine box zero assembles that put together, a little bit is like a set type computer.Is shown as diagram, include main circuit board, outer shell and lithium battery.

Adopting the AD8397 is a new ear to put chip.Some oneselfs who begin an ability strong friend, return an ability in the days to come replaces chip, this is the fun that plays machine and DIY.

First is chase lithium battery gearing on the integrated circuit plank, putting of the card button up type’s pulling out is also an electronics component in common use connection method.

Then put integrated circuit plank outer shell at the bottom noodles up.The outer shell adopts metal metal alloy material, frivolous and the fastness is very good. normal shape

Close positive cover.Thus the QA350 basically has already assembled the complete appearance of body in Chengkong University from the semi-processed goods.

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