DIY Japanese hair

The leaves turn yellow withered before, you must observe the live skin ruddy color, make skin surface if the peach. After the autumn skin still shines, not dry, not grey, health and beauty do!
How we can make a healthy red point?General intelligent
Japanese girls not only sweet and elegant full, be strict in one’s demands on the disc with quiet woman, while in the cool autumn breeze winding hair, but hair can resist the messy, editors bring ingenious Japanese hair, teach you to shape graceful woman.
Modeling before
Shawls long hair is very girly, cone type degree of volume and fat tail pouty, is filled with air and resilient, heavy Qi Liu oblique, but fluffy hair appear tender.remote controller
Modeling after
Hair using simple hairpin fixed, invariable bangs left little girly, temples involute hair to create natural face-lift shadow, elegant hair shaping quiet woman.
DIY steps
The first step: grab the head portion of the hair.
The second step : the hair note manufacturing circular arc type torsion with U hairpin fixed.
The third step: the hair is divided into three parts in ponytail.
The fourth step: start with black hair around U hairpin fixed.Create remote
The fifth step: the same method is used in the three part of the cauda equina.
Sixth step: will head up with fixed decorative hairpin.
Building completed! Is it right? Sweet and elegant full?LCD TV market

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