DIY reaches a person

DIY reaches a person to teach to turn over new 3 even rice verandas small beautiful moveses in person
The veranda that looks like nothing important make a head hints at Xuan machine, the ceramic tiles of veranda are getting older, the ceramic tile sewed tops to all fill up dirty mark and really had enough of, although greatly fall to the ground glass to enjoy lovely view outside the window, “the title is a lovely view, it is also what mildewed orders” enough make the person spoil appetite to lower the head.White of the veranda keeps a thing cabinet also because years of of ruthlessness slowly get dark Huang, really is house of the cutthroat that reside to repair.The underneath ask our DIYs to reach a person to teach everyone to turn over the small beautiful move of new veranda.force a disease

The veranda originally should be 1 to be full of green and source of vitality of good place, but because of the emplacement of miscellaneous articles or objects and Shu in deal with etc. various reason, but it becomes gradually cripple old and loses original brilliance!Makeup house helps to invite to pack a house to reach a person, according to the problem of net friend’s veranda, pass diagram text explication, turn over a new veranda to recruit for net friend!More movable detail, please click<< the PChouse makeup house help Vol.012-greet fine autumn, pack a house to reach a person to help you turn over new veranda!

This period picks out net friend Pacific Ocean GM, the veranda position is located on the second floors and presents one matrix and hopes to pass a reformation, to the old looks carry on turning over lately, separate directly washing of the rains and winds to rinse, make the veranda kept green in the meantime organic.

This veranda also baptizes for 10 years after years and keeps clean on the whole and see also see annoy~but dismantle ceramic tile, again spread new ceramic tile, not only spend a long time, but also need to spend one more money, return rather oneself to spreads wood grain decals on the originally burly ceramic tile to get the convenience is fast.changes a hot machine

Reform square one:Measure the long breadth of veranda first, purchase wood grain decals according to the long breadth.First wipe the ground brick clean with the wet pack before sticking decals, take out again to purchase good material-wood grain decals, the Chinese foot tools, such as son and penknife son…etc..

The reformation second step:Starts sticking decals, Be toring decals and sticking, part press press, the air just can’t remain in the decals and the ceramic tile middle, convex rise a spirit vanish like bubbles ring beauty

The reformation third step:Spreads to arrive while ending, Article 1 discovers that the decals grew and how do?Need not penknife of, use Chinese foot son all right!Put the wooden board of length marking on the ceramic tile, make use of ceramic tile to sew and the Chinese foot son box off decals, you see, a bye, the decals boxs off like, and then keep again fast.If the first wood grain decals sticks tail since crest, the second decals sticks a crest since tail, so the sewing of of wood grain decals would the wrong have variety and seem to be more to be like wood floor.

The reformation fourth step:Sticking till the last discovers that the corner of wall contains a words of electric wire slot, use penknife to mow the empty of an electric wire slot on the decals, went on sticking, naturally again convenient.soldier to once invade


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