technical ability DIY

Nine cities 《zero beginning of a reigns 》head measure technical ability DIY to test a game balance
The new wave game exclusively orders to review:Second half year of this year and will become the key period that nine cities twist Kui after losing 《 the evil monster world 》 in 2012, nine cities set up many topic nets to swim to rob to share a market in the meantime.In addition to the topic of Xuan Huan 《the fairy spreads 》, cartoon style 《fairyland adventure 》, peculiar topic 《2 》 etc.s in the miracle world already at measure of game, disaster topic 《zero beginning of a reigns 》become this year I am second half year of to open and measure of important product.development of industry《Zero beginning of a reigns 》draw on to 2012 legends interested in players with the disaster topic, although the game joins technical ability DIY and the innovation of the temporary prop,the player needs an observation to the accepting of the style’s game degree, another technical ability DIY whether the balance will also influence game heat.

Li Jia Jun4 introduces, this test person grade will open to 60 classes, and it are three aspect contentses to mainly release technical ability sign text, spirit system and steam science and technology.Carry on a test to the server load, and bandwidth…etc. from the technique level full general point;The full general emphasizes the test task rationality, the occupation contentses, such as balance and UI usability…etc. from the product level.

The technical ability sign text system won’t put technical ability with sign text and make the originally fixed technical ability appeared a different attribute.The player matches through a different sign text, can DIY the technical ability of different effect.Li Jia Jun4 reveals, the obtaining of sign text can pass to beat strange, do a task and take part in an activity, and company’s city purchases to wait path.

Li Jia Jun4 still did to elaborate on to steam science and technology, he said, in duplicate, task or other particular toll-gates and scene of game, electric wire electric the player can acquire temporary prop and product, including the medicine box, meat dumplings of instauration life value as well as be big scope war AN used in attack, flames knife and machine A monster etc..The product has an usage at the time restriction, such as the time, number of times and scene limit etc..

The industry insider thinks that the limiting the temporary product of number of times, and scene…etc. increases for game certain of risky interest, can make the player found out to beat the felling of prop in the red and white machine game, but correspond of also test prop and environment of agree with  degree, the prop can develop to have the function of aiming at sex more than the general prop in the particular scene at the time, will influence the expansion and concern of temporary prop.

To the disaster topic in the problem that has no too good result on the market, Li Jia Jun4 thinks, currently on the market Xuan Huan, evil Huan, knight errant, fix the game of true etc. topic Be getting tooer many, the player has been tired, while the current young player accepts degree opposite and higher, would like to try the contents of new topic, therefore the that time machine releases different thing to experience personally to the player.

Speak of 《zero beginning of a reigns 》in the fecundity article layout of nine cities the position of place, Li Jia Jun4 said, 《zero beginning of a reigns 》have hope in 2012 with 《firefall 》, 《the fairy spreads 》, 《MUX 》become nine cities together of”four greatest golds are just”,copper prediction is the whole luck camp of nine cities contribute strength.

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