DIY decorative lantern sweet

New China riotous DIY decorative lantern sweet in the international square ends

The month is a home town circle, feeling at 15 thick.

Annually lunar calendar August 15 is a traditional Mid-Autumn joyful festival.Is a year at this time, the middle of autumn, so is called Mid-Autumn.People look up at the sky like the bright moon of Lang Lang of dish such as the jade, the natural session hopes family’s family reunion.Far traveller in other place, also lend this consign oneself to the home town and the close relatives of remember fondly of feeling.So, the Mid-Autumn calls “reunited stanza” again.The custom in Mid-Autumn Festival is a lot of, the form is also each not same, but all consign people to live an infinite passion and to the fine living weld automation

The decorative lantern is a kind of form that people consign a fine hope.Decorative lantern, again”colourful light” is Chinese race several thousand in the last years important amusement culture, the its Chou absolute being makes people happy, current”Nuo drama” Chou absolute being of function, and then have the value to make people happy amusement, is man the race civil cultural treasure.

For making the traveller that can not go home consign to long for of feeling, let the reunited family have already been more pleased to celebrate, new China real estate specially invited the owners to come to sell a building department DIY a decorative lantern and made the festival of Mid-Autumn had more heavy atmosphere last weekend.Profession’s statisticsesing

A lot of owners are attracted to the beautiful decorative lantern to come, the DIY movable form makes numerous owners and the kids got together, and everyone begins in succession and well develops own imagination dint.Some kids drew the little animal of color, very is lovely;Some parents order the Dan as plum and only have classic lingering charm.Short two days, sell a building department the person annoy hundred percent, the spot the jollification is uncommon.United States

According to know, there are in early morning a lot of owners arriving at to sell a building department on Saturday, the parent takes children line up receive the floret light that the beginning has an embryo.These floret lights have already had the framework of lantern, under the teacher’s instruction, the children take drawing board, lie prone on the seat to in earnest draw decorative lantern pattern and continuously match a color ……at under the children’s infection, many parents also start a hand and relive a kid interest, mood is also well arrive extreme achievement.All of many families are whole families general mobilization, a 3 in the  together take place, together manufacture the family decorative lantern that belong to their y’s uniqueness, its joy melts of the scene move person!

Different meeting, an only has the work of creativity to continuously be born!Grandpa Zhang says that feel in the selling of new China building department to be like a home at oneself, “relax very much, very comfortable, service is also very thoughtful, the kid still wanted while making and willing have an activity next week again.”Under the teacher’s instruction, a 5-year-old kid with only year of the spot went it alone a decorative lantern that has much of a special feature.Surroundings of adult kid’s gathering come over to”ask” in succession, the spot atmosphere is very harmonious.Japan and Philippines

This summer, keep company with in new China under, the owners spent a summer vacation of interesting happiness, the DIY series activity once experienced DIY cake, DIYT Xu and DIY various forms, such as colourful pottery and DIY Juan flower…etc., have already developed till the seventh quarter currently.In future weekend time in, new China real estate still keeps dedicating a multiform and interesting activity for everyone and lets everyone shares warm and fragrant weekend.

In order to feel grateful to give something back to owner, new China real estate sends you the good heart feeling in warm and fragrant autumn.This week DIY continues to present to public, prosperous invite you to come to practice your own creativity.Accumulate Zan a good creativity with previous good heart feeling, and new China real estate DIY, we expect your intelligence of witness!

16 year agos, new China real estate establishes.16 in the last yearses are the responsibility building of”the humanities builds city” Qi, new China real estate believes firmly:As the one who build city, create comfortable life community for people of in the meantime, more important for live the construction submit the living atmosphere of having the frontier spirit and cultural qualities.

“The mission cares future”, this since is the principle of new China real estate, is also to the strong sense of responsibility that pass by and will live at that moment and in the future.

Give something back to whole citieses for thanksgiving, new China real estate releases the special discount of unprecedented in history:University in spring last 480-180 even rices are extravagant to hide a house to face to whole city Qing feeling preference!The weekend Qing feeling receives a special price building source, the seat divides second to necessarily reduce!The international Jing packs apartment to release a special price bride chamber source every day, the special discount is much many

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