Absolute being vulture

The one and only of you!《Absolute being vulture 》image DIY the system know well a solution
The 3 D vogue knight errant net swims 《absolute being vulture 》under way don’t delete file to look for to measure inside the feeling, the player finishes registering numbered account can immediately without obstacle debarkation game.Is the innovation of new knight errant to represent, 《absolute being vulture 》at follow accept a realistic scene of in the meantime, also provided a freedom role with the highest and strong function degree DIY system, make each player able to create the one and only chivalrous man.important factor

After landing a game, is establishing person interface, we can see the strong function that the role establish system, sex and role can from choose these from don’t need speech, also provided the body figure, hair style, hair color and face the type and the new hand pack etc. various detail function.

We establish three beauties of different hair dressing first, the experience descends its hair dressing from choose function.The hair dressing shape can choose, besides which, and 5, 6 kinds of different colors provide a player choice.divorce with me

Equally, 《absolute being vulture 》still provided three types of new hands of styles to pack, but this is just the first clothes that you get into river’s lake.Because the Class promotes, and several hundred sets of river’s lakes pack, the teacher door pack, the best pack to wait for a player experiencing personally!

Has been chosen hair style, chosen hair color, chosen a face type and chosen new hand to pack etc. step after, we are quickly quick to see the small beauty that wes make to order into the game:, light Qiao alacrity, current can person!divorce easily replies

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