PIO deepens a PC DIY

PIO deepens a PC crisis the integral whole computer can also play DIY
The brand computer is the group leader of PC market, have been occupying the main quota of PC market, though the brand machine has stronger trust advantage to the public customer, DIY ability still at Chinese develop rapidly, even flourishing, be because DIY has the advantage that the brand machine can not compare to-characteristic compare with sex price.After the integral whole computer and the notebook became available in the market, the brand PC formed a complete monopoly, along with deepening of DIY and extend, also appeared a DIY product in the integral whole computer, DIY again becomes new Wei Xie to the brand organization.general use LED drives

First what to blow to ring DIY horn is exactly an old-brand PC brand-the Great Wall in the integral whole computer market, the Great Wall released the Great Wall PIO this year and started having fun to have DIY in the integral whole machine market, and got chip supporting strongly of manufacturer AMD, and the Great Wall PIO has already got the extensive concern of the whole PC profession.Can want to see, under the arousing of big trend, integral whole machine DIY market as long as you be set off, will have a lot of explosion types that the brands get into and form fierce competition, and cause an integral whole computer market development.

Characteristic have been DIY, player take delight in talking about, this is also DIY the desktop can still keep keeping the important reason of vitality after the brand machine reduces price and come to a deadlock stupid brand machine impossibly to excel DIY in being full of a characteristic creativity.Together manage, after the integral whole machine plays DIY, aftertime’s integral whole machine will bring about characteristic current.And integral whole machine compares a desktop to emphasize “family” and”the house resides” more, therefore integral whole machine DIY will definitely compare desktop DIY brighter brilliant and fascinating Fen present.LED in much

PIO that the Great Wall releases totally has currently two styles of, P800 Nws and P600 Nw.

The Great Wall PIO(DIY integral whole computer) P600 the Nws and the P800 Nws host install a big body similar, is all high pure LED display of 21.5 inches, the resolution is up to a 1920 xes 1080 of 1080 P Class, appreciate high pure movie completely and not a problem, they all provided with the Great Wall server and the power in the meantime, the super thin light gets rid of, wireless key rat, high-quality stereo set etc. parts.

The main difference of the P600 Nws and P800 Nwses doesn’t lie in an allocation, but lies in an external appearance design, P600 Nws whole external appearance design more the circle is smooth and be rich with to flow line vogue, two beauty diagrams of top are P600s Nw;The external appearance design of P800 Nwses is outstanding to is clear sharp angle science and technology feeling, the design of this science and technology feeling for catering to DIY the appetite of the player.

No matter is a P600 Nw, is still a P800 Nw, they install to the CPU and main cores, such as plank, memory and hard drive…etc. of and permit sex all very good, they can support the M-ATX main plank of the 244 mmxes 244 mms.Moreover they can not support independence’s showing card, therefore have to match IGP main plank.sufferer edible moon cake

The Great Wall PIO has already pushed toward the market completely, the electronics selling exhibitions of each city can find out.Distinctly joining the time of integral whole machine market at the DIY player is an integral whole computer the market breaks out of time.

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